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Planned giving booklets

Maintain a beautifully designed and up-to-date library of personalized planned gift resources without a cumbersome physical inventory.

As a planned giving professional, you face many demands on your time. Let us make life just a bit easier with e-Booklets. This carefully curated collection of digital booklets on key planned giving topics can quickly meet multiple needs as they arise.

We do the work of writing and regularly updating the booklets, presenting technical information in an easy-to-grasp format and an eye-catching full-color design. You simply supply your logo and contact information, then use the PDFs as needed:

Email to donors requesting information

Print copies to help facilitate meetings or supplement presentations

Attach to a proposal or illustration

Offer as a response piece in newsletters

Send as a targeted mailing to annual donors, alumni, or others

Hand out at board meetings or use for staff training

e-Booklets make a lasting impression and motivate donors and those who work with you.

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Simple gift summaries

Start a conversation about a particular gift or planning strategy by establishing the underlying fundamentals and benefits.

Conversation Starters is a set of 30 one-page gift summaries. Concise but engaging, each piece not only defines the gift planning concept but supplements it with a mini case study and a helpful graphic, making each topic easy to grasp.

Designed to open the door to meaningful dialogue with donors, Conversation Starters add value in many ways:

Email the PDF to a donor who has questions

Start a productive one-on-one conversation

Print and use as a handout at a presentation or seminar

Provide helpful information to those who support your work

Personalize these PDFs with your logo and masthead.

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Tax tables

Strengthen relationships with donors by offering this useful, value-added piece.

Tax planning and charitable giving go hand in hand. Help donors as they consider their goals and priorities by offering Quick View Tax Tables. This innovative resource provides a concise compilation of two years’ worth of useful numbers that impact taxes and giving, from income tax rates to qualified plan information to charitable deduction rules.

During tax time or throughout the year, offer the PDF as a:

Helpful resource to Legacy Society members

Response piece in print and digital publications

Follow-up piece after conversations with donors, board members, and advisors

Resource available through a timely email promotion

New and interesting piece available on your website

Affordable and customizable, Quick-View Tax Tables lets you provide a valuable service while keeping your name in front of donors as they plan.

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Will guide

Help donors make a big task easier while highlighting the inherent opportunity for charitable giving.

The Will and Estate Planning Guide is an easy way to add value for donors and supporters. This PDF with fillable fields is designed to help donors think through their goals and collect important information that impacts their estate planning. This process benefits donors, their families, and their advisors, and it also sets them on a course toward providing for others in meaningful ways.

Personalize the guide with your logo, photos, legacy society information, specific bequest language, and contact information. Use the guide:

As a response piece offered in newsletters or other donor communications

As an email follow-up after a donor meeting

To encourage donors to help their families and support your mission (along with other charitable organizations that are meaningful to them)

To inform donors that you are available to help them with their legacy planning

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Newsletter for allied professionals

Build relationships and establish yourself as a gift planning expert for attorneys, accountants, trust advisors, and financial planners.

Techniques is a quarterly newsletter for key allied professionals who can accelerate your gift production by bringing ready-made gifts into the pipeline. It provides a powerful way to cultivate relationships, increase awareness of your mission, and position your organization as a technical resource for gift planning ideas—all for minimal cost and effort.

This personalized newsletter program features relevant, referenced planned giving information on tax issues, IRS rulings, the complexities and possible complications of various gifting tools and strategies, and current developments that affect gift planning.

Techniques includes a link to the Advisor Reference Tool (ART)—a value-added reference tool that explains and examines a broad array of giving concepts and tools (read more about this product below). We provide sophisticated data tracking and metrics.

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Newsletter for medical professionals

Reach physicians, other medical professionals, or med school alumni with an email newsletter targeted to their needs.

Your Financial Health builds important relationships with physicians and medical professionals by providing the information they need to best serve their planning and giving objectives. Each biannual email newsletter contains a tightly written examination of strategies that will best serve their planning and giving objectives, including advantages and disadvantages, tax considerations, and how the gift or concept fits within an overall plan. A PDF response brochure is included.

Personalize the newsletter with your logo, colors, and contact information, and supply a photo for the cover of the response brochure.

You can also choose to add an echo postcard—an effective way to reach those for whom you do not have email addresses and to remind those who may have overlooked the email. The postcard uses a QR code to link to the original newsletter text, which includes an easy sign-up form for future newsletters.

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Email marketing

Reach a specific audience of donors and supporters with a concise, timely message.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach donors quickly and easily with a message designed to resonate at a precise point in time. Your fully branded and engaging email will be produced and delivered on your schedule.

Marketing emails work well on their own, and even better when thoughtfully integrated with print marketing. For additional impact, consider an echo email sent a couple weeks after the original—a timely reminder for those who meant to act on your original message but didn’t.

Analytics are available to measure donor engagement, and we offer the opportunity to conduct A/B testing of email subject lines.

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Donor surveys

Obtain donor feedback on particular ideas, concepts, or experiences that can influence and improve your marketing and outreach approach.

The more you know about your donors, the more easily and accurately you can tailor your outreach to their opinions, experiences, and intentions. The knowledge you gather through the survey strengthens relationships and lets you adjust your messaging and approach if necessary.

Your fully branded digital survey will contain carefully crafted questions custom to your organization and your specific need for information, produced and delivered on your schedule. Data is compiled in an Excel report for your use.

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Planned giving reference tool

Answer donor questions or help educate members of your development team with this comprehensive reference of planned giving information.

Advisor Reference Tool (ART) makes it easy to access information on topics that are important to your everyday work, including bequests, estate planning, income and estate taxes, charitable remainder trusts, securities, and retirement planning. Thorough, readable explanations are supplemented with charts, graphs, examples, graphics, and valuable marketing tips. It strikes the right balance between the necessary fundamentals and the more technical details.

You can obtain access to ART through our planned giving website program, or through the Techniques newsletter program for allied professionals, or you can purchase it separately.

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Magazine ads

Grab the attention of a specific audience of potential donors with a useful message, powerful design, and a strong call to action.

A strong ad gets attention and can help you make the most of your existing marketing strategy. While we make creation easy, you remain in control of the process and the finished product. You choose:

The message. Ads that are professionally written and ready to personalize are available in the Ad Pack on several different topics. Or request a custom ad to echo the message of recent mailers or postcards, highlight recent accomplishments, or promote events or webinars.

The look. Provide your own photos, choose a specific stock photo, or let our designers select a powerful image that enhances your message.

The size. Indicate whether you’d like a full-page, half-page, or quarter-page layout

The timing and placement. Whether you have space available in an alumni magazine or want to share your ad on social media or as part of an email campaign, we can provide a final digital file on your schedule.

The quantity. Pay a discounted per-ad price when you purchase a set of three or five.

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LinkedIn posts

Enhance your social media presence and impact with carefully crafted posts.

LinkedIn provides an important and cost-effective platform for reaching a professional audience, connecting potential donors with your mission, and turning interest into support. Posting regularly is a way to increase visibility, echo the consistent planned giving messages you already promote on your website or in mailings, and share relevant information.

Consider posts that:

Provide updates on your goals and what you’re accomplishing

Share stories of those who have been impacted by your mission

Offer information and guidance on making beneficial gifts

Highlight relevant news, legislative updates, or research study results

Drive people to your website or blog, invite them to a webinar, or offer a free article, case study, or other useful giveaway

Posting to LinkedIn is easy. Creating interesting, effective posts that reflect your brand, reinforce your message, and inspire action can be challenging. Let us do the heavy lifting.

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