Integrated Marketing

No matter the type or size of your organization, a carefully targeted, integrated marketing strategy can help you strengthen relationships with existing donors and connect with potential donors. Combining multiple marketing components creates a strong base and gives you a broad reach, maximizing impact and engagement.

At EDS, we specialize in planned gift marketing. Put our expertise to work. Let us help you select the ideal elements to effectively accomplish your goals, then customize or create your marketing pieces to highlight your message and reflect your brand.


We may be living in the digital age, but print materials still play an integral role in a powerful, diversified planned gift marketing plan. Print has a weight to it that helps reinforce a brand and communicate the value of the information being shared. From traditional newsletters to timely mailers and postcards, EDS can provide you with custom-designed opportunities to cultivate your target market.


As people continue to increase the amount of time they spend online, it is becoming even more important to reach them where they are with digital marketing options. Digital has an immediacy to it that facilitates the jump from information to action. From informative PDFs to targeted email marketing, EDS can provide you with branded, creative options to easily reach your identified market.


While technically digital, a planned giving website is really in a category all its own. It is likely the biggest, most complex, and most permanent part of your integrated marketing strategy. It must fit seamlessly into your existing online presence and reflect your established look and voice. EDS can provide you with a cost-effective planned giving web solution that can blend beautifully with your established website.

Boutique Services

There are times when an off-the-shelf product—even personalized or fully customized—simply doesn’t fit your needs. Perhaps you want to address a unique group of donors, answer questions specific to your mission, or discuss a particular type of asset or a giving technique that is more common to you than to charitable organizations in general. EDS can help.