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No matter the size of your organization, having a planned giving website is an important way to turn supporters and small donors into larger donors in the future. However, not every organization has the time, expertise, or available funds to build out a planned giving section on their existing website.

The solution

WebReach has proven to be a highly effective solution for many such organizations. This high-performance web solution fits seamlessly into your existing site, taking on the same branding and tone. With easy navigation and a donor-friendly focus, this is a powerful and cost-effective way to keep your mission and planned giving options in front of donors and prospects.

Simple. Purposeful. Professional. This site is designed to educate donors on the most popular planned gifts, highlight the benefits of each option, and motivate them to contact you for more information or to explore philanthropy ideas. The site engages donors through:

Custom images

Customizable FAQ section

Eight printable brochures donors can access through a request form

Individual pages on common gift options and assets

Interactive tools highlighting gift benefits

Printable gift comparison chart

Form for donors to request a calculation

Video illustrations of planned gift topics

Access to Planned Giving Answers Online (a reference tool)

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The benefits

With WebReach, you can:

Optimize communication opportunities. The site has one fundamental focus—explaining gift options in terms of the benefits donors can expect to enjoy when they make a gift.

Connect donors with the right gift plan. The site is inclusive—designed to show that your institution offers exceptional giving opportunities that can satisfy every need, goal, asset, and giving level.

Leverage our knowledge and expertise. The site is built to serve your donors while making life easier for you—this cost-effective method of creating a branded planned giving web presence requires minimal time and effort on your part, and you can rest easy knowing we will review and update the site regularly.

Customize content and branding. The site quickly becomes your site as you specify colors, submit photos, and write a welcome message for the home page. Consider adding a staff page, donor stories, legacy society information, bequest language, and more. Customize the questions and answers in the FAQ or replace them with your own.